Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My organic box (haha)

I recently heard of Organics Delivered from some friends, R & S. They're the ones who were here when I was inspired to start blogging about soup! Remember that Carrot & Ginger beauty?

The idea of Organics Delivered is that they send you a box of organic goodies, both fruits and veggies each week or every other week. You can let them know what you don't want in your box, my opt out was water chestnut. Water chestnut is the only vegetable that I'm really not keen on.

Tonight my first box arrived, it's size small, about the size of one of those legal boxes you'll find at the office. It was seriously like opening up a stocking on Christmas morning, but in place of the Ovation chocolates, there was:

a bunch of carrots
green onions
swiss chard
romaine lettuce (not pictured, it was such a big head of lettuce it covered everything else)
a packet of mushrooms
5 apples
5 pears
4 oranges
2 grapefruits
2 avocados
5 bananas (thank goodness, my smoothie was at risk tomorrow morning!)
10-ish potatoes
2 beets

Not a bad haul for a small box! So far I've only had a pear to help digest the Indian buffet dinner, (both were delicious). The box was part of a sample trial, about $40 a box, seems like a decent deal so far. Look forward to creations thanks to the box!

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  1. Cool! We almost signed up for veggie deliveries when we were in Paris, then an organic food store openned 2 doors down from our place so I just went there. Have you eaten the swiss chard yet? If not, try this : cut each leaf into about 4/5 pieces, boil 10 minutes, then sautée it in a large frying pan with butter and garlic! Sooooo yummy! xox Susan