Sunday, December 5, 2010

Egg salad

Egg salad in our house was always eggs, mayonnaise, onions, salt and pepper. Not much else, and it's pretty dang tasty! I was looking for recipes for something to bring to a potluck at work the other day (epic fail btw, I had remarks of disappointment that all I brought in was a salad) and came across Curried Egg Salad. I've got curry powder in my cupboard, so I decided to give it a shot:

I tried Heidi's method for perfect hard boiled eggs, put eggs (5 in this recipe) into a pot of boiling water, and bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat, cover, and let stand for 7 minutes. Have a bowl of ice water ready, and at the 7 minute mark, put the eggs in the ice water for 3 minutes to stop the cooking process. It's a really good method actually. A hard boiled egg when done properly should not have any grey around the yolk, if there is grey, it's overcooked. There was not even a hint of grey, and the eggs were already cool for my salad!

While the eggs cooking, mix:
4 tbsps plain yogurt
2 tsps curry powder of your choice
a couple of pinches of salt

then chop:

1/4 cup pecans
1/2 an apple (I'll add more apple next time)
1 small onion
1 green onion (I had no chives)

Tastiness waiting for the eggs:

When your eggs are finished the 3 minutes of cooling, peel and put into a bowl with the rest of your ingredients, then MASH!

This salad was pretty good, next time, I will add more spice, less onion, and more apple. I ate it on the last pumpkin dinner roll, with a side helping as well, yum! My mum tried it the next day and also approved.

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