Monday, October 25, 2010

Garbanzo bean salad

I've been talking about trying to make a bean salad for ages now. I've never tried making one. Then I saw a recipe for one on (never home) maker.

Try as I could, I could not get my hands on all of the ingredients. Who knew that you can't get fresh basil in Ottawa in late October? Unfortunately, I think that the basil would've packed a lot of punch into this bowl of deliciousness.

It's Monday, spinning night, where we did hill climbs. I was sweating from my shoulders and arrived home with giant eyes that were like magnets to the kitchen. This is how my salad started:

- 1 can of chick peas
- 2 chopped carrots (carrots are one thing that I buy organic as they flavour is so amazing)
- shredded coconut
- ground pepper

onto which I added the following sauce:

1T tahini
1T almond milk
1T maple syrup

I tasted, and it need something else, so I added some raisins. This is what it looked like:

At second taste, it needed something else. My trusty avocadoes were conveniently sitting on my table, perfectly ripened. Half of one went into my bowl, and I added some pita bread to go along with it. This is what I consumed, post hill-climbs, pre-5k walk with Oslo:

It was tasty, but definitely needs work. My mission is to find fresh basil. I think that I would add something else to the sauce as well, it just kind of hung out there as if to say: I'm a sauce, that's where my description ends. The left overs will be tomorrow lunch, possibly with some additions made.

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