Friday, October 15, 2010

Apartment pie

I hesitate to use the term shepherd's pie for this, since there is no meat. I've been thinking about shepherd's pie for a week or so since a co-worker mentioned it. Not being too keen on beef at the moment, I decided that mung beans would be a good alternative. That's right, mung beans. It was the first time they were used in my kitchen, and I took a guess that they would cook like lentils.

The mung beans went into a pot of water and salt to boil until soft, but not too soft as I decided to leave them whole in the apartment pie.

While the beans were cooking, potatoes were peeled and also boiled. For flavour, I finely chopped an onion and some garlic and browned them in a pan with olive oil, then added the beans once they were quite soft, and some oregano, salt and pepper.

Then, like a shepherd's or cottage pie, the three layers went into a dish, mung beans, corn, and mashed potatoes (mashed with almond milk and butter).

After 25 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees, this was the result:

I admit, I was nervous. That it would be dry. Or flavourless. It was delicious! Lighter than other pies, but equally as nice on the taste buds.

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