Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Soup, the Next Generation

A couple of weeks ago a trip was made to Toronto to visit my cousin family. We had lots of adventures, including walks on crisp fall days, trips to the dog park, and playing with helium balloons:

Little L is nearly two years old. She loves to run. She loves to babble on in her lovely two-year-old voice. She loves "PUPPY"s. She doesn't quite love mittens. But she does love...


Girl has her own little soup bowls in a variety of colours (a gourmande fashionista this early, we're going to get along just fine), she likes to add the occasional cookie (a whole wheat cracker, nice work K!), and she's no stranger to putting that spoon to the side and slurping back the last little bit.

I couldn't get enough pictures to show off Soupita L and all of her eagerness of getting that chicken noodle down the hatch:

Can't wait to see you again L! You bring the spoons, I'll bring the soup!

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