Monday, October 12, 2009


Thanksgiving weekend!! It was J's first Thanksgiving in Canada. We were fortunate enough to have 2 dinners! At a family friends house yesterday, and then at my mum's today. We're so full.

My mum sent us home with the turkey carcass so that I could make stock. It's the first time I've made stock. It's still on the stove, simmering. I didn't follow a recipe, but it smells delicious, so maybe the finger crossing has helped. Here's what went in the pot:

The turkey carcass, it still had a bit of meat, and there was a bit of stuffing, including cranberries. MmmMmm cranberries.

Two leeks, you can see how large I chopped them in the photo.
Two carrots, peeled and whole. This was J's contribution, he wants to eat them after.
Three stalks of celery, also chopped.
There are no spices, eek, I can always add them later, right?
Any experienced stockers (hehe!) out there, please give me your tips!

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