Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kuniks and Kakivaks: Pangnirtung Youth Council Book Club

This is not a food post.

Ok, if you insist, we'll start it off as a food post. I'm open to trying new foods, at least once. I thank my mum for this. She encouraged me to try everything at least once, so I do. This is a valuable lesson when you decide that you want to travel internationally. You never know what you're going to encounter:

Jambon persil (ham and parsley in a gelatin loaf): not really my cup of tea
Escargots: Yes!!!!
Callos (cows stomach with garbanzo beans): a little too salty for my taste
Gazpacho (a cold, tomato-based soup): Give me more, give me more!

Just to name a few, I could go further.

The way I see food is the way I see education: limitless. You don't know where you can actually get to, what you can actually achieve, unless you reach for something, because that something that you achieve will lead you to something else. Which is why I'm posting this (almost) non-food post.

My friend Tommy lives in Pangnirtung (Pang). I lived here on and off while growing up, when I was 2, 7, 9, 12, 14, 21 and 22, for a total of about 4.5 years. Confused? If you really care to become unconfused, you can buy me coffee, and I'll draw my life for you in map-form and you'll understand. But on to the point of this post:

Tommy has a blog called Kuniks and Kakivaks, and he blogs his perspective on all things Inuit/youth/north related. I read his blog regularly, and today's post got me wanting to share.

When I was 12, I spent half of my summer in the Pang library. This library hasn't changed much since then, it's a room about the size of your bedroom, with shelves lining the perimeter, and tables in the middle, you can imagine the extent of the content. Pretty limited. Tommy wants to help the youth of Pang develop a book club, which I think is pretty cool, and I want to help him. You can check out his idea here:

Kuniks and Kakivaks: Pangnirtung Youth Council Book Club

If you are in Ottawa, and want to donate a book, contact me. I'll figure out how to get the goods to Tommy and his crew.

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