Sunday, November 8, 2009

A garnish attempt - Curried Asparagus

Holy long time no soup! It hasn't actually been that long, just that life has gotten in the way of blog updates. No worries friends, I remembered to take photos of the few soups that have happened.

Curried asparagus. This happened because I realized that we had a bunch of asparagus that needed to be used asap. I'm so happy I did, as the result was delicious, not to mention that those beautiful little tips inspired me to attempt a garnish, something I don't usually do, which results in the pictures on my blog looking like bowls of baby food that I add different food colouring too.

I started off the recipe as usual, with some chopped onions at the bottom of the big pot. A fact about our kitchen: we have two pots, a big one, and a small one. Our kitchen isn't really big enough for a third. The recipe that I referenced called for the curry powder to be added to the onions, so in they went. Then I added some stock, beef stock from one of the stocking attempts, it worked out well. Then in went the chopped asparagus, and some potatoes. That was brought to a boil, and I added some tarragon, cardamom and pepper for good measure. Simmer, simmer simmer, then zap with the handy dandy blender.
The beauty of this soup was that it was really filling. J had recently undergone soup overload, it went something like this: "I'm tired of soup!". We had curry that night. But the next day at lunch, which is when he tried this soup, he called to comment on how delicious and filling it was. It had a really rich aroma. (first sentence ever written using 'aroma', thoughts?). For the phone call complement, and the aroma that had people popping up from their cubes with bright eyes looking for the source of the aroma, I'm going to give this soup 5 Oslos, the first!

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